In Self We Trust | 3 of 4

I Know Better Than You God!

Edwin Menon
May 08, 2022
Series Description

All of us are professionals when it comes to trusting in ourselves, in our wisdom, in our plans, in our circumstances, in our relationships, and even in our resources in order to make it through our life. But unfortunately when we live that way, worry, stress, and turmoil results and we soon begin to realize that the way that we are functioning is not working. 

So how do we live in a way where we can get to the root issues of why we function this way?  How do we start to live in a way where we lean on God daily, instead of ourselves, as He transforms us and helps us through whatever we face in life? Everyday we have a choice to make: continue to live our way or start to live God’s way? But we can’t do both because our way of wanting to do things and His ways of doing things can never go hand in hand.