Lost | 2 of 8

Guarded and Skeptical

Edwin Menon
Jul 31, 2022
Series Description

We are all familiar with the feeling of losing something that is valuable to us. We are desperate and will do whatever it takes to find it and we won’t stop until it is found. In fact, this parallels how God will do whatever it takes to find us because we are that valuable to Him. He pursues us in order to save us from our sin and eternal separation from Him. But many times, we don’t even know we are lost until He finds us. 

This is why we are starting a new sermon series called Lost where we are learning the different ways that people come to know Jesus and how we can meet them wherever they are at. We will talk about the factors that influence how people make shifts in their thinking and perspectives and actually start becoming open to Jesus. And then we will provide you with practical tools that you can use to earn trust with people as you walk with them in their own journey of faith and life.