The Greater Life: Experiencing the Abundant Life that Jesus Promised | 10 of 11

From Comparison To Contentment

Joe Marcucci
Nov 21, 2021
Series Description

If Jesus promised those who followed Him that they would experience the abundant life, the fullest life, the greatest life that He intended, why is it that so many of us miss out on or fall short of this life? How can we go from living the life that we have now to living a greater life in all areas of our lives? In this series, we are going to take a look at some of the things that can cause us to be stuck and some practical steps we can take to experience and live out the promises and the blessings that God actually intended for us. Going from anxiety to joy and thankfulness, from comparison to contentment, from control to trust, and from scarcity to generosity, just to name a few.