Worried About Everything?

Apr 5, 2021

What have you been worried about lately? Worry affects us in so many ways. It causes us stress as we wonder what will happen or what will go wrong next. Worry makes it hard to focus or be present with the people around us or the tasks in front of us. Worry even affects our sleep and it brings fear because our mind can’t stop running down these rabbit trails of worst case scenarios that we imagine could happen. How do you deal with your worry? Come join us for church online this Sunday, April 11th, at 9:30am because God actually has a solution to help us overcome our worry.

All our online services are on our Highrock Malden YouTube Channel or on our Facebook page. Come and worship God with us!

If this is your first time using these platforms, the stream will become available at 9:30am EST and any time after. Know that you can always see the service again on YouTube, Facebook, and on our website sermon page after the live stream ends. Feel free to share the link for service so that others can engage as well. 

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